Dental X-Ray go hand in hand with a dental check-up, as it provides information which the dentist can’t see. It helps the dentist to detect hidden problems which may get bigger if remain undetected and complete an accurate treatment plan.

We recommend chair side set of two Bitewing X rays once every two years for detailed exam of teeth & an OPG X ray once every 2- 3 years for overall examination of jaw bones & teeth

What can dental X-rays detect?
  • Small areas of decay between teeth not visible in the mouth
  • Problems with existing fillings,root canals,crowns or bridges
  • The presence and severity of gum disease
  • Abscesses or other sorts of infections
  • Tooth development issues such as malformed teeth,extra or missing teeth etc.
  • Cysts and some types of tumours
  • Traumatic injuries such as tooth and bone fractures
  • Proximity of teeth to nerves and sinuses
  • The development of wisdom teeth and if there is a need for them to be removed
  • The amount of bone needed tor dental implants