Welcome to Maryborough Dental Practice

Our practice is located in the heart of Maryborough, on popular High street near Maffescioni Motors( RACV). Maryborough Dental Practice has bright and hygienic interiors, and the facilities are contemporary and comfortable. The practice also has massive space for 20 car parks( via Alma Street) saving you time in locating a spot in the busy CBD. Within the practice there are three operational dental surgeries, all of which are fully computerised and up to date. Patient well-being is our guiding philosophy.Maryborough Dental Practice proudly belongs to a new age of accredited dental practices, offering the highest in quality patient care and sustainable cost structures for all patients.

About Us

Highest quality dental care in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment are the driving mantra in the success of Maryborough Dental Practice. We offer a vast array of services and treatments, and pride ourselves on our continual up-grading of dental technology, equipment and the continual education of our staff & dentists. Intra-oral Cameras and Digital Radiography are innovative techniques used by our practice to treat our patients.

Maryborough Dental Practice has modern, bright and hygienic facilities which are contemporary and comfortable. Within the practice there are three operational dental surgeries at the moment. All of the functional surgeries are fully computerised and up to date. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, infection control and hygiene.

We provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments for patients of all ages. We fully explain the treatment plan and offer practical and honest advice on future options and treatments. That is why we make sure a visit to Maryborough Dental Practice is a stress-free and, of course, as painless as possible.

We understand that changing over to a new dentist, and dental healthcare team, can be a challenge. Instead of lecturing you about teeth, we listen to you and help you understand your choices. We give you enough information to make your own decisions about what you want from us, for your mouth and for yourself. We believe our purpose is to help you achieve good oral health. We believe in preventing pain, disease and dysfunction.

Our Services

Preventive Dentistry
  • Dental Check-ups
  • Fluoride dental treatment
  • X Ray
  • Scale & Clean
  • Oral Hygiene Education
  • Sports Mouthgaurds
Clear Correct

ClearCorrect is the clear and simple choice. No wires. No brackets. Just clear, convenient comfort—every reason to smile. With ClearCorrect, your dentist or orthodontist can straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners.

Children Dentistry

When it comes to children, we take this opportunity to provide care that will lead to outstanding long-term oral and general health. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide your family with dental care and advice that is specific to your needs.
Show More Children have specific needs as they grow from infancy through their primary years and into adolescence. During the different stages of life, the approach to dental care will change based on their unique needs. We tailor our dental care so as to avoid current and future dental problems. Show Less

Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Home Whitening (Bleaching)
  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Caps/Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
Medicare Child Dental Scheme( CDBS)

We bulk bill Medicare's CDBS scheme We bulk-bill CDBS provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Your first appointment would be purely administrative to find out your eligibility and to ring Medicare to determine your benefit status.


Restorative dentistry refers to management and procedures that your dentist performs to keep your mouth healthy and functional. These procedures include putting in dental implants, dentures, fillings, and crowns. Show More This kind of dentistry refers to the preventative and corrective steps that general practice dentists take to make sure that our mouths stay as healthy as possible. Restorative dentistry is first and foremost concerned with keeping the mouth functioning as best it can and, in the process of doing so, can improve the overall look of one’s smile. This is what separates restorative dentistry from cosmetic dentistry — the latter is more concerned with aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry is more focused on improving the look of your smile. While dentists always put the health of your mouth first, having cosmetic procedures done may not necessarily improve how well your mouth works as much as how it looks. Show Less

Achieving accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous
quality improvement within the practice.

Dental Practice Accreditation

The accreditation of private dental practices’ is based on the integration of a set of National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards into everyday practice culture and patient safety. These standards harmonise regulatory requirements passed down by both Federal and State governments, with highlights being the demonstration of clear and evidence based patient benefits when visiting an accredited practice, as well as the sustainable cost structures of a practice.

Furthermore, when choosing an accredited practice a patient can expect a reduction in clinical and general risks, as well as the peace of mind in knowing that all staff are educated and engaged in the implementation of dental systems and improvement of dental processes within their practice.

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for Dentist’s were adopted by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2011. The attainment of these standards means a dental practice has proven to be of the highest calibre in delivering quality patient care within Australia.

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