A Dental Payment Plan with No Credit Checks and No Interest: Denticare

What is Denticare?
Simply put, Denticare is a payment plan with no credit checks, no interest, and no complicated contracts. All you need to qualify is to be over 18, be an Australian citizen, and have a source of income / not bankrupt.
With Denticare, we can eliminate finance problems and help our patients get the care they truly need, regardless of price.
We know that dental care isn’t always cheap, and too often, patients are forced to make tough decisions about payment plans that depend on fund providers, credit, and other factors. These complications can sometimes force patients to get the treatment they can afford, rather than the treatment they really need.
You might need to have a tooth pulled out if you have:
Example: You come in with a sore tooth (these things happen at the most inconvenient of times!), and are given two options: get a root canal (better but more expensive), or take the tooth out (more affordable, but you lose the tooth).
Denticare can be the difference between a root canal treatment that saves a tooth, and an extraction treatment, which removes the tooth entirely. Too often, patients pass up the root canal due to it being more expensive, despite it being the best option for them.

How Denticare Works The process is simple:
  • Come in for a consultation (to find out what the problem is)
  • Take X-Rays (to pinpoint the solution)
  • Our dentists develop a treatment plan
  • You bring in your documentation
  • Pay for the treatment through Denticare! (No interest, no credit checks, no complex contracts!)

The consultation and X-Rays must be paid by the patient. After your consultation, your dentist will devise a treatment plan tailored to you, and this treatment plan will be put on Denticare.
Who Is Eligible?
To proceed with the Denticare payment plan, we will need to know that you are eligible for treatment. You must be over the age of 18, an Australian citizen, and have either a source of income or proof that you are not bankrupt.
If you fit these criteria, Denticare is the perfect fit for you.

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